The Community Open House offered an open opportunity for all community members to provide input during the early stages of the update of the Parks, Recreation and Natural Areas Plan. More than 50 community members participated in the Open House, held on February 28th, 2019 at the Renton Community Center. Participants who signed in are listed on the last page of this summary.

City staff and representatives of the consulting team facilitated the Open House. The evening began with a presentation on the Parks, Recreation and Natural Areas Plan, covering the current state of parks today and accomplishments since the 2011 Plan. Next, meeting attendees broke into small groups and participated into two exercises, the results of which are documented later in this summary. During the Open House, participants were also invited to submit their ideas on a worksheet with fill-in-the-blank statements describing the park/facility they went to most recently, what they did there, what would have made it better, and, if they had a million dollars to enhance parks and recreation in Renton, what they would do with it.

Worksheet results are included in Appendix A. Comment cards were also available for additional comments and ideas, and are transcribed in Appendix B. Community members who could not attend the meeting were encouraged to provide input through an online questionnaire that was available through April 21.

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